Our Purpose

Our Mission
New Beginnings is a non-profit organization founded in 2016.  We believe in giving at risk children a new beginning in life with love, hope, family, discipleship, and opportunity to hear about the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision
It is our desire that we will meet the needs of the children at risk in Western Honduras where these children will be cared for by loving families and their physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs are met and they are prepared for adulthood in their own culture. 

Our Principles of New Beginnings

Faith Based: We believe that only God can completely fulfill the needs of children and therefore, all of our efforts and works are directed by the Word of God.  We will work with the local churches to train and equip the people of God to embrace and care for children around them that are without loving parents.

Culturally Relevant: We believe that it is our responsibility to maintain the culture in which we are working.  It is critical that the cultural elements of the children in our care not be replaced with foreign ideas.  The children in our influence must be taught how to flourish and find great value in their own cultural heritage.

Permanent Family Units: We believe that every child thrives best in a stable, loving, and permanent family environment.

  • We will engage in programs where we work with biological or related family members to prevent the separation of a child from their family or to reunite the family once there is a positive environment.
  • When reunification with the birth or related family is no longer possible, we will work towards locating a suitable family for a permanent adoption of the child.
  • We will strive to maintain long-term, foster placements in a family environment when adoption is not possible.  It is critical the child not be moved from foster family to foster family.