Bright Beginnings Club

We have a awesome opportunity for you.  We now have a Bright Beginnings Club!

Every month that an infant child is in our care it costs between $150 -  $200 to meet their needs.  This covers the cost of diapers/wipes, formula, clothes, routine doctor visits, and medicine.  Once a child turns one, the cost is between $80 - $130 per month to meet their needs.  You can join the Bright Beginnings Club by giving $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $50, or any other amount per month designated to the Bright Beginnings Club.  100% of the funds designated to this club will go to cover the costs of these items for the foster children in our care.

By becoming a member of the Bright Beginnings Club you have decided to make a difference in our foster children’s future—and it’s going to look BRIGHT because of your gift!

You can become a member of the Bright Beginnings Club by 
1) Click here--it will take you to online giving
2) If you are a first time giver, you will need to complete a registration.
3) Next, select Scheduled Giving and choose Bright Beginnings Club Fund. Finally, complete the information and hit Submit!  

Now you are a member of the Bright Beginnings Club where giving makes a difference in a child's life.

Once your Online Giving is processed we will be sending you a thank-you gift in the mail.  So be on the lookout.

Thanks again--for making a child's future Bright!

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