Tuesday, March 27, 2018


We have some important news to share about the status of our ministry in Honduras.  Dean and Tamara Robinson are the missionaries that took over for us in Honduras as we left suddenly last year due to Julie’s medical condition.  We are celebrating that Julie is in remission.  Her body continues to heal from the damage done by the surgeries, procedures, and chemotherapy that was required to get her into remission.  She continues to have a variety of procedures or tests every 2 weeks.  We hope these will soon be extended to 4 weeks and then to 3 months.  She is hoping to have her colostomy reversal in July.

Josue and Maria (the foster children that were in our care) have now been permanently placed back with their biological family.  It is with mixed emotions that we share this news.  It is always our goal to reunite children back with their families when it is a good situation.  Please pray for Dean and Tamara as they walk through this personal loss and especially pray for Josue and Maria as they are back with their family.  With this transition, New Beginnings is no longer operating a Children’s Home.

We are also excited to share that the Pastor Training School is continuing to go well.  Through a partnership with FBC Kingsland, we have started an extension of the school in Mercedes, Lempira, Honduras.  Pastor Brian and FBC Kingsland have taken responsibility for working with the church in Mercedes so we are no longer involved financially with this ministry.  Perhaps the most exciting thing about this is that the pastors in Mercedes took the initiative to start this training and are doing most of the training themselves.  We love reproducibility because it means ministry will continue when something happens, and we are no longer there (like we find ourselves right now).

We also share that Dean and Tamara have partnered with another missionary in Honduras to start an in-country NGO with a focus on ministering to those who minister.  The need is great, and we are excited for them as they embark on this new endeavor.  We are also disappointed as this means we no longer have them as New Beginnings missionaries in country and therefore we now have nobody on the ground in Honduras full time.  Please pray for Dean and Tamara as they continue to serve the Lord in this new way and please pray for New Beginnings as we seek to find the right person to lead our ministry in Honduras.

It is with mixed emotions that we share all of this with you.  We are excited because it means that ministry is still occurring, but it means that New Beginnings currently has no active ministries that we are responsible for leading or funding.  We believe that God has still called us to minister to and in Honduras, but with so many unanswered questions about how and when, we do not feel it is good stewardship of your generous donations for us to continue to accept donations at this time.  We will reach back out to our supporters once God has begun to open doors for us again and a direction is better understandable.  We also decided to request that the donor for the matching grant for land withdraw the grant at this time and we have returned the funds to those who donated specifically for that purpose.  Although we will not accept new donations at this time, the funds that have already been donated will eventually be used for their intended purposes.

It is still our hopes and dreams to begin a new work with at risk children in Gracias, Honduras.  Recently, we were reminded that while God does not change our calling, he does often bring us new assignments.  We are believing that the next thing for New Beginnings in Gracias is to run a teenage pregnancy ministry.  Please join us in prayer as we patiently and prayerfully wait on God to send us the right missionaries to lead this new work in Honduras.

We want to thank all our supporters and prayer partners.  We are asking our supporters to stop giving financially to the ministry for now, but we are also asking our prayer partners to continue to lift our ministry up in prayer as we wait on God.  Please continue to like our Facebook Page and follow us here as we will provide updates once God begins to open doors for active ministry again.

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