Monday, February 5, 2018

Property Update

We want to thank those that have already given to help purchase property and we want to thank the anonymous donor that has offered up $20,000 matching funds for the first $20,000 we raise for the property.  As of tonight, we have received $200 which will become $400 after the match.

We do have an unfortunate update regarding the specific property we were in the process of purchasing.  As we were completing due diligence on the title, we learned that the person selling us the property does not actually own it, but was selling it for someone else.  In order to make sure we have no issues in the future, we have decided to not proceed with the purchase of this specific property.

Even though we no longer have specific land we are in the process of purchasing, we still would like to raise the $50,000 so we have funds on hand when we do locate suitable land that has a clear title.  The anonymous donor is still offering the $20,000 matching grant and we still have a goal of $50,000 to raise by 3/31/2018.

Thanks again to all that have already given and to those who will be giving for this purpose.


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