Sunday, May 28, 2017

Here is Your Chance......

We have had several people ask us to please let them know when we are ready to start receiving short-term ministry teams.  We are now at the point to where we not only are ready, but want to start scheduling teams.  We already have 3 teams coming between now and September and have a few specific other opportunities listed below.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities or have other ideas you would like to discuss, please visit our "Contact Us" and "Join Us in Honduras" pages to learn how plan a visit and then let's talk about the details.

Outdoor Playground Team

Our "yard" is 100% concrete from wall to wall, which is not a good place for toddlers to play.  We are raising funds to purchase indoor/outdoor rubber to put on the concrete to give a safe place for the children to play and fall.  We are also raising funds to purchase a sunscreen to put over the area to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.  Finally, we need various outdoor play equipment and toys.  After we have the funds (and we will because God will provide them at just the right time), we would like a team to come and install everything.  This would be a great opportunity for a small group or family to come and fellowship with us and bless us with putting all this together for us.
*As a fun bonus we would love it if someone would paint a fun mural on a large 8' x 15' canvas for us to hang in the outdoor play ground area.  So if you have some artistic abilities and a passport--we'd love to have you come visit.

Landscaping/Yard Garden Team

We get a lot of sun and dust as a result of not having plants around.  We would like to strategically plant in planters to put in key places to server multiple purposes: (1) to make the house and yard more appealing, (2) to provide some shade, (3) to catch and filter some of the dust, (4) to repel bugs (mint, basil, rosemary, etc.), and (5) to provide herbs and food for us to use.  Understand that we know nothing about what to plant, how much sun and/or water to give it, how much/how often/what kind of fertilize to use, how to trim to keep the plants healthy, etc.  We need a small team or family to come and go with us to the greenhouses to find the best plants to meet most of our goals, to help us plant them, and to teach us how to properly care for them.  Obviously, one of the people on the team needs to have a pretty good understanding of various plants to help make the right decisions as well.

Small Construction Teams

We have several items that need repair or installation that we have had a difficult time getting someone here who knows how to do the work or is available.  Some of the items we currently need (there is always something if we get these done before you can come) are as follows:
  • Build some type of canopy over some of the windows to keep sun and rain out (rain is currently blowing into some of the windows even when closed).
  • Connect our cistern
  • Run an electrical wire for dryer
  • Run wire for doorbell

Pastor Partnership Teams

We already have one team coming to help with pastor training and to evaluate a possible church-to-church partnership.  We would love to have more partnerships like these to strengthen and equip the local churches to do the work of the ministry.

"Uncles" and "Aunts" and Respite

We will be getting our first baby on Monday and there is a possibility of us receiving two more children in the near future.  We would like some small ministry teams (1 or 2 people or a family) come and be part of our extended family for a few days and help with the children, love on them, and play with them in the same way a close uncle or aunt or cousins would do.  It would be awesome if some of these teams could come back in the future to provide respite for us when we have to go back to the USA for a visit or just need a short break away in country.

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