Sunday, April 16, 2017

Semana Santa

     This week was another busy week.  As we get down to the last 2 weeks (for Ben, Julie, Leighanne, and Hannah) and 3 weeks (for Austin, Taylor, and Emma), we continue to get things in order.  We are still working on getting the last few details ready for taking in kids.  This past Tuesday Marianne (Legacy of Hope) visited us in Gracias and gave us a days worth of training on the foster care system here in Honduras.  We went over all of the Do's and Don'ts and over different things we need to keep in mind.  We also went over the billions of forms we had to sign (ha ha, it wasn't that many), but a lot of very important information.  This certification process has us one step closer to becoming a transition home, and we are so very excited, but we still have quite a bit to accomplish before we head off to the states.

     Some other things we have accomplished this week is; we finalized our "Business Plan Summary", we also completed our short term mission team packet/application packet, we made and ordered business cards, and we designed and ordered shirts with the New Beginnings Logo.

     This week between all of the work and training we enjoyed Semana Santa (Holy week).  On good Friday we went into town where the local people have spent hours the previous night making saw dust "carpets" These carpets are beautiful intricate art.  Words can't really do them justice, so sit back and enjoy:

In Him,

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