Sunday, February 26, 2017


I woke up this morning feeling burdened to pray.

We are seeing God working in ways that only He can work, and doing things that only He can do.

And so for today, and every other time God brings a need to your mind, please stop and Pray.

Right then.

Do not delay.

Here are some of the things we are praying for:

1) Our Home Church in St. Mary's Georgia.  Last week our home church was named, Victory Baptist Church.  This week it has become--Three Rivers Church.  For many, you may already know of how God has restored broken relationships, healed congregations, and united the Body.  Only God can work through the lives of pastors, leadership and the members to look for the greater good of three separate congregations and have them come together as one local body of Christ.  But God has done just that.  Please pray for a God-sized sense of unity and like-mindedness as they prepare and plan to begin worshiping as Three Rivers Church in the near future.

2) Legacy of Hope in Santa Rosa, Honduras.  Our partners here in Honduras that we will be a transition home for beginning in June, is going through the certification process tomorrow.  Please pray for peace for them as they will be going through an intense certification process.  They have been preparing for this certification for months--pray that God will reward their efforts and that they will be permitted to continue to minister to the least of these.

3) For the children we will be receiving in our Transition Home.  Please pray for the little ones that we will be welcoming into our home.  Pray for their lives right now, pray for their safety and protection.  Pray that God will work miracles in their lives and that we will be a home of healing and restoration.  Pray that we will be able to work with their biological families to help bring grace and the hope of Jesus into their lives.

4) For additional support needed for the children coming into our home.  We already know that God will meet this need, but please pray that God will raise up people that will become monthly sponsors for the little ones that God will be placing in our care.  Our financial needs will be growing as we will be providing diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, medical care and clothes.

5) Our Visit to the States in May. Please pray for this time as we all will be attending graduations, a wedding, and visiting with family, friends and supporters.  Pray that God will give us many opportunities to share with others about what God is doing here in Honduras.  If you would like us to share with your church, small group, lady's/men's groups, or individual meetings please contact us to make plans.

6) For our marriages and our children.  Pray that God will strengthen us and draw us closer to each other. Pray for us as we make adjustments and transition. Pray for our kids as they are getting used to living in another culture and doing school at home.

7) For Reliable Transportation and for Land.  While we will always have to replace tires, and brakes, we are praying for God to help us find a newer truck that can get into the mountains and one that we won't have to spend repairing every week.  Also, please begin praying for land to become available for the long term of our ministry.  We are looking for 4-8 acres of land here near/in Gracias. We are looking for land so that we can work on becoming self-sustaining.  We know that our God  owns it all--pray for soil that will grow fruit trees, and vegetables, and yet keep us closer to schools.

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