Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A shower for the littles that God is going to add to our household in the near future.  Many of you asked how you can help.  And we have figured out 1 way to get some of the much needed supplies to Honduras.

We have opened up a baby registry on Amazon.  If you have Amazon Prime or know a family member with prime, then you can have it shipped to Fernandez Express in Dallas and they will ship it to us. 

Here is how it will work:

1) Go to  Look for the gift cards/registry, click on Baby registry and type in Julie Agee. 
2) Choose 1, 2, or 10 items 😇 or get a Sunday School class/group of friends together and purchase one of the biggie items.
3) Amazon will ship the items to Fernandez Express in Dallas, TX.
4) In about 8 weeks, we will have a fun time opening the shower gifts live on Facebook.
5) We only have a window of 2 weeks at this time to ensure that the items are delivered before we leave for the states for a visit.  So, make sure ALL of your items will arrive at Fernandez Express before February 15th--yes, that's 2 weeks total.  But we have to allow enough time for shipping. Sorry. 😕


1) How much will Fernandez Express charge you to ship the items to you?  Roughly $1.00 per pound.  So if 200 lbs. of shower items arrive, then we will have to pay them $200.  It kind of stinks, but at the same time, that would still be cheaper and better quality than us paying for these items in Honduras.

2) Do we have to pay shipping fees for Amazon?  We specifically chose items that are on Prime or have free shipping.  So there will not be any shipping added to your purchase as long as you are using your Prime account.

3)Will you be doing this again?  Maybe.  But a lot of these items will be needed in June when we return from our visit to the states.  

4)  Will there be another way for us to help?  We will be bringing some stuff home with us in May, but our space will be limited to 4 suitcases.  So--yes, but we will be asking for very specific items and amounts. (Weight will be an issue again.)

Happy Shower Shopping--We sure had fun looking!

AND--again, THANKS for asking how you can help!

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