Sunday, February 26, 2017


I woke up this morning feeling burdened to pray.

We are seeing God working in ways that only He can work, and doing things that only He can do.

And so for today, and every other time God brings a need to your mind, please stop and Pray.

Right then.

Do not delay.

Here are some of the things we are praying for:

1) Our Home Church in St. Mary's Georgia.  Last week our home church was named, Victory Baptist Church.  This week it has become--Three Rivers Church.  For many, you may already know of how God has restored broken relationships, healed congregations, and united the Body.  Only God can work through the lives of pastors, leadership and the members to look for the greater good of three separate congregations and have them come together as one local body of Christ.  But God has done just that.  Please pray for a God-sized sense of unity and like-mindedness as they prepare and plan to begin worshiping as Three Rivers Church in the near future.

2) Legacy of Hope in Santa Rosa, Honduras.  Our partners here in Honduras that we will be a transition home for beginning in June, is going through the certification process tomorrow.  Please pray for peace for them as they will be going through an intense certification process.  They have been preparing for this certification for months--pray that God will reward their efforts and that they will be permitted to continue to minister to the least of these.

3) For the children we will be receiving in our Transition Home.  Please pray for the little ones that we will be welcoming into our home.  Pray for their lives right now, pray for their safety and protection.  Pray that God will work miracles in their lives and that we will be a home of healing and restoration.  Pray that we will be able to work with their biological families to help bring grace and the hope of Jesus into their lives.

4) For additional support needed for the children coming into our home.  We already know that God will meet this need, but please pray that God will raise up people that will become monthly sponsors for the little ones that God will be placing in our care.  Our financial needs will be growing as we will be providing diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, medical care and clothes.

5) Our Visit to the States in May. Please pray for this time as we all will be attending graduations, a wedding, and visiting with family, friends and supporters.  Pray that God will give us many opportunities to share with others about what God is doing here in Honduras.  If you would like us to share with your church, small group, lady's/men's groups, or individual meetings please contact us to make plans.

6) For our marriages and our children.  Pray that God will strengthen us and draw us closer to each other. Pray for us as we make adjustments and transition. Pray for our kids as they are getting used to living in another culture and doing school at home.

7) For Reliable Transportation and for Land.  While we will always have to replace tires, and brakes, we are praying for God to help us find a newer truck that can get into the mountains and one that we won't have to spend repairing every week.  Also, please begin praying for land to become available for the long term of our ministry.  We are looking for 4-8 acres of land here near/in Gracias. We are looking for land so that we can work on becoming self-sustaining.  We know that our God  owns it all--pray for soil that will grow fruit trees, and vegetables, and yet keep us closer to schools.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Much Needed Retreat

This weekend was a much needed retreat.  We went to Siguatepeque for a missionary gathering of the Honduran Fellowship for Missionaries and Ministries.

 For those who don't know, Honduran Fellowship is a ministry that links missionaries all over Honduras together.  This is a wonderful resource to have.  They are here to provide as much help as possible to Honduran missionaries by contributing help with residency (which was an easy, great, and speedy process for us), offering missionaries counseling in a variety of areas, and they help missionaries make connections.   One of the ways we connect is through the Facebook page.  Missionaries can ask questions, share ideas, provide encouragement, and find answers to many questions in the archives.  It allows for seasoned missionaries to share do's and don'ts with the newbies. 

They also make this weekend retreat available FREE of charge to missionaries in the fellowship.  For us, it came at just the right time.  The retreat gave us the opportunity to spend time with other missionaries, while all the kids were being well taken care of. Volunteers from the states and parts of Honduras came to Siguatipeque to take care of the many babies, preschoolers, elementary aged children and youth.  Hannah and Leighanne were able to hang out all weekend with other MK's (missionary kids). 

Hannah and Hannah having fun with the Youth group.

The retreat's theme was Unity. We all share a common goal... to lead people to Christ. All the people here have something else in common... we are all missionaries in Honduras.  When you are new in a 3rd world country, it's nice to have people to reach out to for support and help. Especially when they have been in your shoes. Unity is an important aspect that we need to have. 

One of the things I was most looking forward to this weekend was worship in English.  I have really missed being able to sing with the praise team at our church in the states.  That first night of worship was moving.  After we finished we all came out saying how much we missed worshiping and lifting our voice to God as the unified body of Christ.  There is just something spiritual about joining together with other believers and worshiping in your heart language. 

If you look in the top left corner there is a tall blurry man in Navy blue... that is Ben and if you keep going to the left there is a tall blurry man in orange... that is Austin. 

This weekend they offered different workshops that covered many topics which would be helpful for a missionary.  A few were Security, Fundraising, Social Networking, Leadership, Caring for an abused child, Cultural connections, and many more.   We divided and conquered to try and hit as many as possible.  We have learned so many new things and are still processing most of it.  We will be applying the things that we learned to our ministry to better it in the future.

Ben is in the back in the blue with the Auburn hat on listening very intently to advice from other missionaries.

All in all this weekend has been a wonderful one.  We made many connections with missionaries all around Honduras.  It was so great to meet with people that share the same passion with us.  To be able to talk with seasoned missionaries and pick their brains by asking them: How have you stayed here this long? What do you recommend for new comers?  It was encouraging to listen to their experiences, and hear their God stories.

 I would just like to end with this... we serve a wonderful God who does amazing things, and I can't wait to see how God continues to work and move in Honduras. 

In Him, 


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Baby Shower Update

We have had a tremendous response to our baby shower at Amazon that we posted last week for the foster children that we expect to start receiving in June.  Thanks to all of your generosity, most of the biggest ticket items have been purchased, but there are still plenty of opportunities to participate if you haven't had a chance to already.  You can go buy the items directly off of the registry by clicking on the following link:

Alternatively, if you would like to send a check to New Beginnings, we can buy items on the list and/or pay shipping costs to get the items to Honduras for your tax-deductible donation.  If you would like to send a check you can send it to the following address, but please drop us an e-mail at to let us know how much you are sending for this purpose so we can plan to use it appropriately.

New Beginnings Missions, Inc.
PO Box 5813
Saint Marys, GA  31558

Due to the overwhelming response, we would like to wrap up the registry by February 10th so we have time to get all the items at the shipper destination in Texas and have them put on a ship and on the way to us so we can receive them in Honduras before we head to the U.S. in May.  If there are items not purchased by the 10th, we will use any money that has been donated to complete out the list and buy some of the other items (or more items like diapers, etc.)  and pay the shipping costs to Honduras.

We thank you again for the awesome response to provide for these babies that God is preparing to send our way.

There are a couple of important items that you may have noticed missing -- clothes and carseats.  Legacy of Hope has a number of clothes that have already been donated to them that they plan to share with us and we don't yet know the exact age/size or sex of the children we will receive so we cannot buy clothes yet.  They also have a number of carseats that are available to us to use.

With Love,
The Agee Family

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


A shower for the littles that God is going to add to our household in the near future.  Many of you asked how you can help.  And we have figured out 1 way to get some of the much needed supplies to Honduras.

We have opened up a baby registry on Amazon.  If you have Amazon Prime or know a family member with prime, then you can have it shipped to Fernandez Express in Dallas and they will ship it to us. 

Here is how it will work:

1) Go to  Look for the gift cards/registry, click on Baby registry and type in Julie Agee. 
2) Choose 1, 2, or 10 items 😇 or get a Sunday School class/group of friends together and purchase one of the biggie items.
3) Amazon will ship the items to Fernandez Express in Dallas, TX.
4) In about 8 weeks, we will have a fun time opening the shower gifts live on Facebook.
5) We only have a window of 2 weeks at this time to ensure that the items are delivered before we leave for the states for a visit.  So, make sure ALL of your items will arrive at Fernandez Express before February 15th--yes, that's 2 weeks total.  But we have to allow enough time for shipping. Sorry. 😕


1) How much will Fernandez Express charge you to ship the items to you?  Roughly $1.00 per pound.  So if 200 lbs. of shower items arrive, then we will have to pay them $200.  It kind of stinks, but at the same time, that would still be cheaper and better quality than us paying for these items in Honduras.

2) Do we have to pay shipping fees for Amazon?  We specifically chose items that are on Prime or have free shipping.  So there will not be any shipping added to your purchase as long as you are using your Prime account.

3)Will you be doing this again?  Maybe.  But a lot of these items will be needed in June when we return from our visit to the states.  

4)  Will there be another way for us to help?  We will be bringing some stuff home with us in May, but our space will be limited to 4 suitcases.  So--yes, but we will be asking for very specific items and amounts. (Weight will be an issue again.)

Happy Shower Shopping--We sure had fun looking!

AND--again, THANKS for asking how you can help!