Sunday, January 29, 2017

Our Biggest News Yet!

We have a huge announcement---God has made a way for us to become foster parents here in Honduras.

Even before we set foot on the ground we knew there was rumblings of changes to how the government here was going to be handling the care of their precious children at risk.  We knew that there was talk of stopping any new families from becoming foster families.  And during the process of our move--that is exactly what happened--they stopped accepting any new foster families.

But we knew that God had not changed our call, that he had still called us to become a family to these little children at risk.

So not knowing how or when we just decided to let God figure this all out for us....and He has!

God's great plan, in His time, in His way.

That is the only way I can describe all the details that God has been putting into place over the last few days, weeks and months.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Legacy of Hope Foundation based in Santa Rosa Honduras.

Through this partnership we will be able to begin taking in infants to 2 year olds beginning in June. Of course, we will be completing paper work and gathering documentation to fulfill our part in being paper ready by June.

Over the next few months we will be getting ready for our precious deliveries.  Here are some of the things that we will need to accomplish:

1) Get cribs and toddler beds.  Of course we have to be practical--they will need a place to sleep.  We are hoping to find some gently used cribs because new cribs here in Honduras cost about $250+.  Unless someone can direct us to some that cost less.

2) Get some storage/shelving for all things baby/toddler.  This will either have to be made or bought, so begin praying that we can find something useful or that our men figure out how to make the things necessary.

3) Baby/Toddler Clothes.  In the next few weeks, we will be finding out what clothes that will be available for us to use.  So in a month or so, we will have a better idea of what we will need to have on hand.

4) Developmental toys that are sturdy and will last.  We will be letting you know how you can help with this in the future!

5) Diapers, wipes, and formula--These will be our biggest costs.  We all know that little ones go through these very quickly.  Unfortunately, these items cost a lot here in Honduras.  A can of baby formula that last about 1 week costs almost $20--that comes to $80 a month per child on formula.  Diapers--around $80 a month per child.  These prices are Honduran prices--these items are less in the states.

6) Outside roof over the back of our house.  Without this we will not have any place to hang clothes in the rainy season which begins in May and lasts through October.  This will also allow us to get a dryer for helping to dry necessary items during this time.

7) Baby gates and doors for cabinets.  These will have to be made over the next few months to child proof the stairs, the kitchen, and the cleaning supplies.

8) A play ground/play place. This is a future goal.  But it is a great need for the future.

9)Screens on front and back doors.

Ways that God is already at work:

1) We got our certificates from our doctor here in Honduras that we are healthy for taking care of children.  Dr. Maria came to our house this week and gave us physicals, then sent us to the lab for blood work and testing.

2) We now have a family doctor that we can call and she will come to our house and do the exams for our children and us when needed.  She works for a non-profit from the U.S. and speaks English beautifully.  We are blessed to have made this connection.

A side note:  Dr. Maria is working with a brigade of medical doctors from the U.S. this next week with a foundation here in Gracias.  She has invited Leighanne to come work with them this week so she can begin to get experience for her future plans to be a doctor.  Isn't that amazing that Leighanne will have the opportunity to start being around other doctors and nurses and begin to start seeing how to work with others.  I just love how God is at work!

3) We have a house big enough to meet our immediate needs.  We are grateful even though we always think we could use more space, but that is our cultural "American" side coming through. Our Honduran friends always comment about how big our house is--so I guess it's just a matter of prospective.

4) Connections.  Matt and Marianne Spangler (founders of Legacy of Hope) were some of the first missionaries on the ground that we spoke to about what we felt God was calling us to do in Honduras.  They have helped answer questions for us and given us great advice along the way.  We are looking forward to what God is going to do in the future.

5) Our supporters:  We can't say this enough:  We love you all and are thankful that because of you we are getting to do what God is calling us to do!

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks and months as we lay out the immediate and future needs of this awesome work!


  1. Wow, you guys! That's amazing! Thanks for keeping us posted. Praying with/for you.

  2. We at Rivetview are excited to hear your news. Bro. Scott wants to help whete you need it. If you need his number let me know. God is good.