Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Update

As we think about the many blessings of Christmas, we are very grateful for all of our prayer partners or donors.  God is using each of you just as He wants to use you and it makes it possible for us to be here in Honduras.

Last week we had a generous donor contact us about providing a year-end matching grant of up to $2,000.  This week, we want to share a quick update so everyone knows where we stand with that matching grant.  We are still receiving funds, but have been notified that $1,340 is either already given or on the way by 12/28.  This leaves us $660 between now and the end of 12/28/2016 to complete the matching grant.  We know with Christmas and many other important ministries and gifts that you all have already committed to it can be a difficult time to add one more ministry to give to, but we are extremely thankful for each of you for making sacrifices to help us take full advantage of this matching grant!

For those that may have missed the original post last week, any new money donated by 12/28/2016 is being matched up to a maximum of $2,000.  This means if you are a new donor, anything you give by that date counts towards the grant.  If you are an existing regular donor, any one-time gift above your normal donation or an increase in monthly giving counts towards the grant.  In order to count the donation has to be received online by the end of 12/28/2016 or the check postmarked by 12/28/2016.

We also want to share a picture of this cute nativity set we picked up in Copan Ruinas while we were still there.  It is made entirely of corn husks and is made by the indigenous peoples of the rural mountains outside of Copan.  For those that have seen the corn husk doll that Austin and Taylor purchased in Copan, this is a full nativity set made by hand by the same people.

Blessings to You All!

The Agee Family

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