Sunday, November 6, 2016

Leighanne and Hannah: What's Life Like for You?

This weeks blog is brought to you by Leighanne and Hannah Agee, our teenage daughters.

We decided you might want to hear how our girls are doing and how they are adjusting to living in Honduras.  We ask the
girls to respond to the same 5 questions, and here are their answers.

Question 1:  What do you like about Honduras?

Hannah: In Honduras we have beautiful mountains.  I love the weather here because it is cooler than Georgia. (We have told her that Georgia actually will get much cooler than Honduras, but there is a nice breeze.)

Leighanne: I have several things that I find very beautiful in Honduras. To begin with, I love the mountain view here. In fact, the mountains remind me of a lot of broccoli put perfectly on a brown slated plate- if that makes sense. Not only is this what I love about Honduras, but also how friendly the families and people are. Another thing, I love the weather right now because it is cool, windy, and the humidity is nothing like the humidity in Southeast Georgia.

Question 2: How is your life different now living in Honduras than it was in the United States?

Hannah: My life is different because I have to learn a new language and still work on English.  I now have to walk everywhere in the city.  I also get to drink natural juices.

Leighanne: There are many things that I do here now that’s different from how I did things in the states. First off, the bathroom situation is extremely different in several ways. I am not able to use the sink water to brush my teeth, I can’t open my eyes or mouth when I take a shower, and can’t throw the toilet paper down in the toilet.  It may seem hard to adjust to all of these new bathroom rules, but I got use to them all within 2 days. On top of those things, there is no A.C. (besides at Cafe Welchez) and there is really no sleeping in days due to the obnoxious roosters that wake me up at 5:45 a.m. in the mornings. Although I can't sleep in, it encourages me to work on school early in the morning which is what I wouldn’t have done in the states. As a result, this is helping me a ton to achieve my goals in life. In addition, I had to stop wearing shorts outside of the house, and started wearing no flashy jewelry. Also, we are not using a car everyday which is an advantage to us by benefiting us all. As a result, we are making ourselves to go out and exercise more- I just wish I had a fitbit to count all the steps I take in a day. Lastly, I am eating healthier, not watching any t.v. and not taking things for granted now. I figured out that it is not always a negative thing to have change in life, change actually can become positive if you change your view on it.

Question 3:  What are your favorite foods you have eaten in Honduras?

Hannah: My favorite foods that I have eaten in Honduras are fried chicken, fries, rice and lychees.

Leighanne: Out of all the foods that Mrs.Tina makes my favorite would be the fried plantains. Some of my other favorites would be fried chicken, fruit, and french fries. In addition to that, my favorite drinks in Honduras would be the hot chocolate and all the natural fruit drinks.

Question 4:  What do you think about Gracias, Lempira?

Hannah: Gracias is a very clean city.  It has yummy Chinese food.  I like that when I look around Gracias I can see the mountains, trees and God’s creation.

Leighanne: Some of my favorite things to do in Gracias Lempira is to eat at the restaurants there, shop and explore my future home city.

Question 5:  How have you seen Jesus at work in your own life since moving to Honduras?

Hannah:  I know that Jesus is working in me because He is changing me by moving me to a new country.  He is showing me that having things is not as important as helping other people.

Leighanne:  Since I have been in Honduras God has adjusted my life in huge ways! He has made me step out of my comfort zone and look out into things beyond just Saint Mary’s Georgia. This adjustment has made me realize that there is a world beyond United States that needs help. The world will not get any better if no one adjusts their life to be a follower of Christ. This is stated in Luke 14: 33 which states,” Any of you who does not give up everything he has cannot be my disciple.”

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