Sunday, November 13, 2016

Exploring Creation and Culture

This past weekend we had one our our only free weekends before we move to Gracias.  We decided to take advantage of the free weekend and explore Copan and see some of God's beautiful creation and learn more about the culture and history of this part of Honduras..

On Saturday, we set out for an early adventure to tour the Mayan Ruins.  We met our guide, Frito at the entrance to the park and learned some history of the Mayan culture throughout Mexico down through Western Honduras.  It was very interesting to see how the ancient Mayans have shaped the culture in this part of Honduras today.  As we walked through the ancient city, we enjoyed the lush greenery that surrounded us and the gorgeous mountains that serve as the backdrop to Copan Ruinas.  Here are some of the pictures from our tour of the ruins....

Entering the Ruins

Skulls are common throughout the ancient city

Leighanne and Hannah in front of location where previous
kings were buried and new kings were inaugurated

Around the top of the arena -- believed to be the throne area of the king

Ball court

Taylor and Julie

Backdrop of the Ruins

Austin and Ben in front of the King's Temple

Inside the King's Temple

Inside the King's Temple

Inside the King's Temple

Inside the King's Temple

This tree is only about 100 years old -- it is a quick growing
tree that is common to Central America

The red coloring is still original after so many years

Largest hieroglyphic stairs known

On Sunday, we interacted with some amazing birds at Macaw Mountain.  Macaw Mountain is a local bird preservation/rehabilitation park.   The birds that live in the park have been rescued from mistreatment or from homes that can no longer care for these birds.  The ultimate goal of the facility is to fully rehabilitate the birds so that they can be released back into their natural habitat and function as if they had never been in captivity.  Although the birds were in cages, the environment was designed to be as similar to their natural habitat as possible, which included beautiful and lush, flora, fauna, flowing creek with small waterfalls.  Here are some of the pictures from the time we spent at Macaw Mountain.....

Macaw -- State Bird of Honduras

Yesterday, Ben and Austin took a quick trip to Santa Rosa to get some work done on the Pathfinder.  The mechanic removed a leaking power steering hose and had a new one made and replaced it.  We had the brakes checked and put two new tires on the front to replace one that was balding and another that was on the verge of blowing and installed new wiper blades.  We also got a front-end alignment and the most amazing car detail we have ever seen (the normal vacuum and wash plus engine de-greaser/wash, wash and scrub the entire bottom side of the truck, and wash the entire car multiple times) -- it was the cleanest car for about 5 minutes until Ben hit a mud puddle passing a taxi (tuc-tuc) in town, which splashed mud all over the front and side of the truck.  Here are a few pictures of this process.....

Off with the old tires -- on with the new

Vacuuming inside

Front end alignment

De-greasing of engine

First Rinse

Tuc-Tuc (A typical Taxi in Honduras)

In Him,
The Agee Family

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