Sunday, October 30, 2016

Whats Been Going on in Honduras?

So what has been going on in Honduras this week?  Well I'm glad you asked!  This week has been a fun filled, exciting, adventurous week.  As you all know last weekend the family flew in and Taylor and I went to San Pedro to pick them is really good to have them here with us.  The next day we showed the family around the small town of Copan Ruinas.  We showed them where all the important things are; Cafe Welchez, pharmacy, market/grocery stores, etc.

Leighanne(Left) Hannah(Right)
Ben(Left) Julie(Right)

  Monday this week came early as Taylor and I started our 7th (WOW, yes 7 already!!!) week of Spanish school, Ben, Julie, Leighanne, and Hannah started their 1st week of Spanish. 

 ***Funny Spanish story: one day Ben was trying to ask where to take the trash, but instead ended up asking where do I drink the trash? LOL! Moral of the story; DO NOT trust Google translate!***   

Wednesday of this past week Tim (a missionary living in Copan) hosted a bible study at his house, we met some other missionaries living in Copan and had a great time of prayer and fellowship.

Friday right after a quick lunch, we all headed to Gracias for the weekend.  First thing when we arrived in Gracias we checked into the hotel and met up with Russell and his wife Iris for two Doctor appointments(Russell and Iris are expecting a little girl a week before us!)  The doctor appointment was typical Honduran style, lets schedule 5 women at the same time and whoever gets here first goes first...LOL!  Needless to say we waited a little while, but it wasn't to bad.  All is well with Emma, and the doctor thinks there might be a chance that Emma could be born a few days before original projected date.  Later that night we had a great dinner eating nachos, and talking about different aspects and questions we have in regards to actually moving to Gracias.  

The next day(Saturday for those not keeping track) we had an early start with breakfast, then we headed to the auto-shop to buy oil for an oil change in the Nissan.  

***Side story***
Earlier in the week dad and I had identified a problem with the muffler in the Nissan (it wasn't attached...).  So we headed to the local Lowes(closest equivalent in Copan) to try to find something for a temporary fix.  Well we ended up buying a dog leash made of chains to wrap around the muffler to attempt to hold it in place until we could actually get it worked on.
***End of side story***

After we got the oil we went up to Russell's coffee land to have one of his workers do our oil change and take a look at the problem with the muffler.  

Making sure the oil change is good, and checking the condition of the blinker fluid(haha).

Notice the dog chain on the left.
After further investigation it was determined that the muffler needed to come off to do some welding and then to reattach it.  So we threw it in the back of the truck for Carlos(Russell's right hand man) to work on later that day when he finished working on Russell's house.  

***Now for an episode of House Hunterz (spelling to keep us safe from copyright issues)***
After cutting off the muffler we went back into town to look at 3 houses (2 before lunch and 1 after).  With the first 2 houses there were pros and cons.  The pros of one house were the cons of the others, we decided that both could be possibilities for renting.  Then we ate lunch at a really good Chinese restaurant,  After lunch we looked at a third house,  The third house has some interesting aspects, and once again some pros and cons, but after really looking at all three of them and evaluating the pros and cons we have decided that we are going to pursue renting the 3rd house.  So pray that the owner gets a few things done in a timely manner so that we can rent this house.  

Later in the day we dropped Julie, Taylor, Leighanne, and Hannah off at the hotel and Ben, Russell, and I went to get the muffler welded and reattached.  

Today we have been working on Spanish homework, and Ben will be driving home later this morning.  Tonight we will relax, and prepare for another week of Spanish!

In Him,

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  1. Great post Austin. You make me chuckle plus inform me of the details. Thanks so much