Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our House is Sold!

Yes!  It's the best feeling in the world to be debt free!  With the sale of our house we are now free of all the "BIG" things before we can move to Honduras.   

This sale was not easy by any means, BUT GOD was faithful throughout!  After the house inspection we found out that what we thought was a cosmetic crack in our stucco, was really not.   When the first stucco repairman came out, he said the whole house would have to repaired to the tune of $55,000.00.  Yes, thousands--not hundreds.  After being shocked by that amount, Ben got 3 more stucco guys to come look at the house.  They all said that the first guy was wrong, the whole house was sound.  Their quotes were from $2,500 - $4,500 to repair the cracks.  In the end, the total was $2,600.  Later, Ben found out that the owner of the company that gave us the crazy quote was in jail for fraud.  Unbelievable!

Then while we were in the process of moving into our rental, the rental got some roof damage during a storm and had some leaks.  It has since been repaired, but oh what fun times!

We are so excited to watch how God is slowly making it possible for us to make this move.  The rental has been a huge blessing. Can I just say it is nearly impossible to get a rental for less than 6 months.  We had a few people step up and be willing to help us out and for that we are grateful.  

So currently we have downsized from 2,600 sq. ft to 1,200 sq. ft. From lots of stuff to minimal stuff.  We are still living with too much--and over the next 5 months we will continue to down size, until all we have left are (2) 70 lb. bags, a carry-on and a backpack each.  That's it--no more, no less.

We are looking at mid-December as our move date unless God moves the date earlier.  We would like to be on the ground around the time that Austin and Taylor get finished with language school.

So for this week we are feeling lighter than we have in a while and thankful that in the end it all worked out.  

Can I encourage you to do a little "cleaning".  See what you can get rid of that you don't need instead of storing it.  It is so freeing! Sell it, donate it or give it away.  You will be glad to be a little lighter!

In Him,


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