Sunday, July 31, 2016

Matching Grant and Other News


We have been generously offered a matching grant of up to $5,000 for all NEW donations postmarked (or received if given online or in person) between 8/1 and 8/15.

Here are the possible scenarios of how your financial help can be doubled:
  •  If you have never given to New Beginnings Missions, Inc. before your donation will be matched.  As an example, if you give $100, the ministry will receive your $100 plus $100 from the matching grant.
  •  If you have given before but have not committed to a monthly/quarterly/annually donation, your new donation will be matched.
  • If you have committed to give a specific amount monthly/quarterly/annually but give a one-time gift above that amount your incremental increase in giving will be matched.  As an example, if you have committed to give $25/month and give an extra $50 above your normal monthly gift, the grant will match the $50.
  • If you make a new commitment to give monthly/quarterly/annually and the first donation is postmarked (or received if given online or in person) between 8/1 and 8/15, the entire year’s worth of your commitments will be matched.  As an example, if you commit to give $25/month and send your first $25, the grant will match $300 ($25 x 12) so over the course of the year your $25/month becomes $600 total.
  • If you have previously made a commitment to give monthly/quarterly/annually and you increase your commitment between 8/1 and 8/15, the entire year’s worth of incremental increase in commitments will be matched.  As an example, if you have previously committed to give $40/month, but decide during this period to increase it to $50/month, the grant will match $120 ($10 x 12).
  • If you have previously made a commitment to give monthly/quarterly/annually but haven’t yet given, the entire year’s worth of your commitment will be matched if we receive the first donation between 8/1 and 8/15.  As an example, if you have previously committed to give $25/month, but have not yet sent a donation, if you send your first $25 during the period the grant will match $300 ($25 x 12).

The time is short to take full advantage of this matching grant.  Please consider becoming a financial partner with our ministry between 8/1 and 8/15 or if you are already a partner consider increasing your level of partnership or give a special one-time gift above your commitment.  Also, please share this information with friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, etc. so we can get the word out and maximize the use of this grant for the Kingdom of God.

You can mail your tax deductible donation to the following address:
     New Beginnings Missions, Inc.
     PO Box 5813
     Saint Marys, GA  31558

Or you can give online at the following link:

*****In Other News*****
God is continuing to answer prayers, He has provided our first vehicle to the ministry.  Through a Facebook group we were able to find this vehicle that other missionaries were selling.  Its a luscious red 2003 Nissan pathfinder 4x4, with ONLY 80,000 miles on it.  It will be a great first vehicle to be able to use to further His kingdom.  We are very grateful that the missionaries are able to hold it for us until we arrive in country, we are also thankful for this answered prayer.  The exciting part about this whole thing is that when we(Austin and Taylor) arrive in country on the first day we will ride a few hours to Siguatepeque where we will get the vehicle...then the fun begins where Austin will drive for the first time in country in wonderful pothole filled adventurous roads for 5 hours to Copan (where we will do language school).  So we will need all the prayers we can get for a safe journey. 

*****In Other Other News*****
New Beginnings would like to thank Mrs Monica at Sugar and Slice Bakery for the fundraiser that they held for us! We really appreciate her support! And if you haven't tried anything from the bakery your missing out, and should stop by.  Once again thank you so much. 

*****In Other Other Other News*****
Only 38 days until we fly out!! Continue to keep us in your prayers.

In Him
Austin and Taylor

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Our House is Sold!

Yes!  It's the best feeling in the world to be debt free!  With the sale of our house we are now free of all the "BIG" things before we can move to Honduras.   

This sale was not easy by any means, BUT GOD was faithful throughout!  After the house inspection we found out that what we thought was a cosmetic crack in our stucco, was really not.   When the first stucco repairman came out, he said the whole house would have to repaired to the tune of $55,000.00.  Yes, thousands--not hundreds.  After being shocked by that amount, Ben got 3 more stucco guys to come look at the house.  They all said that the first guy was wrong, the whole house was sound.  Their quotes were from $2,500 - $4,500 to repair the cracks.  In the end, the total was $2,600.  Later, Ben found out that the owner of the company that gave us the crazy quote was in jail for fraud.  Unbelievable!

Then while we were in the process of moving into our rental, the rental got some roof damage during a storm and had some leaks.  It has since been repaired, but oh what fun times!

We are so excited to watch how God is slowly making it possible for us to make this move.  The rental has been a huge blessing. Can I just say it is nearly impossible to get a rental for less than 6 months.  We had a few people step up and be willing to help us out and for that we are grateful.  

So currently we have downsized from 2,600 sq. ft to 1,200 sq. ft. From lots of stuff to minimal stuff.  We are still living with too much--and over the next 5 months we will continue to down size, until all we have left are (2) 70 lb. bags, a carry-on and a backpack each.  That's it--no more, no less.

We are looking at mid-December as our move date unless God moves the date earlier.  We would like to be on the ground around the time that Austin and Taylor get finished with language school.

So for this week we are feeling lighter than we have in a while and thankful that in the end it all worked out.  

Can I encourage you to do a little "cleaning".  See what you can get rid of that you don't need instead of storing it.  It is so freeing! Sell it, donate it or give it away.  You will be glad to be a little lighter!

In Him,


Sunday, July 17, 2016

And The Countdown Begins...

   Well it's official we have purchased plane tickets for Austin and Taylor to fly out September 8th and begin language school September 12th. 

How did all this come about you may ask..

Well we have really been praying about when God would have us to go, and for all the support to come in, and everything to fall in place with God's perfect timing.  But as you know God doesn't always answer prayers the way you would necessarily think.  Through a bible study that we did, and a sermon Chris Martin preached all things point to Faith. It is time for us to step out in Faith. We are going to trust in God. Faith is to trust and obey.  We don't yet have all the monthly support or initial amount we need, but we know God is bigger than that and he will provide. He is Jehovah Jireh.  So surround us in prayer as we begin this journey. 

In other news, tomorrow Austin and Taylor are going to the doctor to hear the baby's heartbeat.  So exciting!!!

In Him,
Austin and Taylor

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Modern Day Knights

Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in a symbolic knighting of my nephew Noah and my son Zach.  I am thankful that a number of years ago David Emig introduced me to the concept of “raising a modern day knight”.  What is a knighting you ask?  Basically, the whole idea is that as Christian men it is our responsibility to raise our sons with the same integrity, valor, etc. that knights of old were expected to have.  I have done my best to raise my sons in this way and have had this ceremony for each of my sons after their 18th birthday (okay I am a little late on Zach who is almost 20).  I don’t want to give away too many of the details as I have other nephews that will be going through this, but it is a special day we set aside and bring together key men (father, grandfathers, uncles, pastor, etc.) in the life of the son and each one shares one-on-one their heart about a specific biblical topic that they have demonstrated well in their own lives.  We then come together for a ceremony where we acknowledge that the boy has become a man and the dad gives his blessings as well as a charge on the son.  If you want to learn more about this, I would encourage you to visit and read up on it.

Is the ceremony important?  In my opinion it is a very meaningful time that helps remind the son that he is now a man and responsible for his own actions, but there are many good ways of doing this without a ceremony.  What is more important than anything is that the father (and mother) take the responsibility to teach their sons (and daughters) to have an intimate relationship with Jesus and what that should look like as it overflows in their life as they live in the world.  I have not been a perfect parent by any means, but I do my best to teach these things to my children and look forward to being able to teach these same things to the children that God puts in my care in Honduras.  We won't be perfect Christians nor perfect parents to the hurting children of Honduras either, but we want to make an eternal impact on the people of Honduras in the way God has called us by ministering to the "least of these".

As I reflect on the events in the news over the past week, I am reminded of how much hate and injustice is in the world because of sin.  We all like to label it because then we can blame it on something that we are not personally guilty of, but the fact is sin is dark and sin causes people to be full of hatred for a lot of reasons and sometimes we don't even recognize it is there until it rears its ugly head.  Unfortunately, even good people are not immune to sin and hatred at times, but a life committed to God that repents and accepts God’s forgiveness and learns to allow love (God is love) to rule.  In this dark world we need more “modern day knights” that are willing to put others before themselves and stand up for what is right and love people regardless of the cost.  We need to all get out of the church walls and be the church in a dark and dying world, whether your wold is across the street or on the other side of the world.



Sunday, July 3, 2016

Meet the Board (Kim Hendrix)

My name is Kim Hendrix.  I was asked to be on the Board in the capacity of Secretary/Treasurer.  I have worked in accounting for the past 20 years.    What an honor and privilege it is to be a part of New Beginnings.  They have such a passion for orphans.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for them.  You may ask why Honduras, why not here in the USA?  Well, why not?  God calls us to go not only in our communities, but to the uttermost ends of the earth. (Acts 1:8)  About six years ago our church had an Orphan Sunday, which Julie had a big part in that walked you through a typical day of an orphan.  I must say it was a real eye opener for me.  My husband and I decided that we wanted to do our part to help out, so, we started doing foster care.  The next year we had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to a third world country, and again it was a real eye opener.  During this trip, we saw some kids kitchens. They were set up to give the kids one hot meal a day.  Lots of time this was the ONLY meal they got.  We are all God’s children, and we are all called to serve.  It takes a lot of faith to step out and do what Ben, Julie, Austin, and Taylor are doing, faith that He will provide for them.  They are giving up everything they have as far as comfort and going to a place that has such poverty, but they are doing what God calls us all to do, follow as the spirit leads! In Philippians 2:4 it says do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.  They will need support whether it is being a prayer partner or giving to help support them financially.  Even if you can only give $5.00 a month or a one-time gift it will be used to further the kingdom of God.  Won’t you please pray about what God would have you do?  

In Him,