Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Grace is Sufficient

My name is Teresa Robertson and I have had the honor of being asked to serve on the Board for New Beginnings.  I have known Julie since college and Ben since their marriage and have witnessed God’s leading throughout their marriage.  I have watched their hearts grow for the orphans around the world, which has brought them to this full time mission in Honduras.  When asked to come on the Board, my husband and I prayed about it for several days.  We felt that God was leading us to partner with the Agee family, and when God leads you simply cannot refuse.

I have always had a heart for children and youth.  I went into education because of a deep love for children.  I taught in a public school setting in a rural area for several years which allowed me to teach and love and serve children who needed grace and mercy in their lives.  I was blessed to have my own children and was called to stay at home with them and given the opportunity to homeschool them.  In their high school years, we were called to a home school co-op where I taught and am now the headmaster over classes.  I work with the youth group at Trinity Presbyterian Church just east of Atlanta.  Recently, I have become part of a volunteer group starting up a Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center in Newton County.  God has provided a desire to serve children, youth, and young women in all areas of my life so when asked to be a part of New Beginnings it just fit right in with what I believe God calls us to do.  We are called to serve the widows and orphans and to show them Christ. 

I believe that the Lord has called Ben & Julie and Austin & Taylor to this ministry and that He will complete this needed work for His children.  There is already response coming from the people in Honduras showing the need for the foster children there.  This work will provide Christian homes, both from the Agee’s and from locals.  One way or another, these children will be placed in homes---how exciting to know that Christian homes will be available and that these children will know the love of Christ!!

Knowing the Agee’s as I do, I know that they know that this is a work done completely through the Grace of Christ and not through anything from them.  They rely solely on Him and give Him all the glory for all the phases of this ministry.  I am partnering with them because I know that they believe they are not equipped to do this work without the Grace of God---the work is done by God alone---they are the vessels willing to obey.  They will not be able to serve on their own—they need prayer partners, financial partners, and God’s all sufficient Grace.

“The Greek word order of 2 Corinthians 12:9 provides us with meaning we don’t want to miss: ‘Sufficient for you is the grace of me.’ That is an incredible promise! Essentially the Lord told the apostle Paul, I am the grace. I’m all the grace you need.” James MacDonald

Please share their ministry with others, commit to pray for them regularly, and if led give financially so that Austin and Taylor (and baby) can go in August to begin language studies followed by Ben and Julie (and girls) in January.  The Lord has begun a mighty work; we invite you to be a vital part of it.

Teresa Robertson

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