Sunday, June 19, 2016

Help Wanted!

You have a critical role to play in the ministry to at-risk children in Honduras!

Yes, you may be more important to this ministry than you realize.  The most important thing that we need is a strong prayer support team.  We know that there will be difficult times on this journey and we are strong believers in the power of prayer.  We also want our prayer support team to be prayer partners, meaning that we are also praying for you.  If you want to be on our prayer team, please click on the "Subscribe to Our Newsletter" link and select the prayer team box.

The other thing that we need is good network of financial partners in ministry that commit to giving to this work on a regular basis.  Austin and Taylor plan to move to Honduras in August.  In order to get them there, they need to raise $16,000 to pay for airline tickets, visas, 3 months of language school, and a vehicle.  In addition to the one-time startup costs, they need $2,500 per month of support that they can count on.  Ben and Julie plan to move to Honduras in January.  In order to get us there, we need to raise $34,000 to pay for airline tickets, visas, 3 months language school, and a 4 wheel drive vehicle that is capable of going into the mountains for ministry.  In addition to our one-time startup costs, we need $3,000 per month of support that we can count on.  You might think that is a lot of money and your gift wouldn't be significant, but that is not the truth.  Most of our financial support will come from individuals who give $10, $25, $50, or $100 per month.  Would you pray about becoming a financial partner with us in ministry?  No gift is too small!  Our website has a "Give Now" section that provides information on how to give.  Please drop us a note at and let us know if you will be sending monthly support so we can include your gifts in our fundraising progress.

God is already moving!  Ben sold his car in less than 15 minutes on Facebook last week, so there is one less vehicle to sell when we move.  We also accepted an offer on the house this week, which means money is the only thing really keeping all of us from going to Honduras and getting started in ministry.  Just last week we received a message from one of the missionaries that is working closely with the child placement department in Honduras that wanted to know if we were in Honduras and paper ready to receive children because they had a sibling group with a 2 year old and a 4 year old that needed a home.  We already have $5,400 in the bank and monthly commitments totaling $1,000/month coming in and accumulating to prepare for the move.  Will you pray about joining others that are already partnering with us in ministry.

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Blessings to you.....

Ben Agee

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