Sunday, May 1, 2016

Our Next Steps

Man these two weeks have been busy!  We launched our website/blog, made our Facebook page, and had a yard sale to begin the downsizing process.  Taylor and I have been making preparations to move in with my parents to save money for the big move, but also because our lease is coming to an end.

We have done all this while trying to balance church, work, and school.

So...What are the next steps, goals and visions for our organization?  What are our plans for making our vision to open a children's village a reality?

Well we sat down as a team and came up with our proposed plan with short term and long term goals, and the approximate timeline for all of it.

The first thing we will do when we arrive in Honduras will be to go to language school.  We will attend class one-on-one for 3 to 4 hours a day, have homework in the afternoon and then be required to log time communicating in Español.

Immediate Goals (3-9 months after arriving in Honduras):
We need to build a bridge to our local community and engage with them by teaching English in a local school, joining a local church, host bible studies, etc.  We would also began making connections and building a relationship with DINAF.  We will also be establishing partnerships with other local missionaries (pastor training, feeding programs, etc.) 

Short term Goals (6 months to 3 years):
We will begin educating local pastors/ churches about their responsibilities for orphans.  We plan to purchase land and build our home for our families with room for Foster children. 
And for the exciting part.......begin the self-sustaining process which includes, but not limited to, chicken coops, fruit trees, vegetable farm, and milk cows...Not that we know how to do any of this...HA!

Long term Goals (2 years+):
After we begin to foster, we would like to build individual family foster homes in our "village".  We would also like to have individual foster families within the local community.  Eventually we would love to have long-term interns, fulltime nurse/doctor to take care of the children and open a clinic for the community.  As the children age to adulthood we plan to establish a transition home to help them be productive in the community. 

Like I said earlier this is our hopeful timeline, but truthfully it is all God's perfect timing!

In Him

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