Sunday, May 8, 2016

Our NEW New Beginning

We are SOOO very happy to announce that we are PREGNANT!!!!!

We prayed for a while about starting our family and when a good time would be (come to find out... there is really never a good time). We just left it to God and trusted in him, so I got off birth control in December 2015. Throughout this time we were praying that God's will would be done. 

We found out on May 4th that we are 5 weeks pregnant and so far the pregnancy has been great. I have had no morning sickness (fingers crossed it stays this way). Little baby Agee will arrive in late December of 2016 ( A Christmas Baby). 

This doesn't change anything with our move to Honduras, we are still hoping to be going to language school in August (if it is God's will). It will be important to us to be out of language school and be settled in before the baby comes. 

One of the questions we have thought about is where we will have the baby. One option is that there is a Private Hospital with a Birthing Center in the area. Another option is to use a private doctor in Gracias. We have heard from missionaries that have done both and we were told either choice was good. 

We also know the concern about the Zika Virus. We are purchasing a mosquito net to hang over our bed and we will also have access to mosquito repellent. We will not be on the coast of Honduras, we will be in the mountains and the mosquitoes won't be as bad there.  

No matter what we do to take precautions or prepare for the birth God is in control. He knows all that is going to happen. We are trusting in God and giving all our worries and concerns to him because he is bigger than all of them. Praise God.  

We are excited for this NEW New Beginning. Continue to keep us in your prayers. 

In him, 


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