Sunday, May 22, 2016

If a child picks up the lid of the toilet tank . . .

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  • then he/she will accidentally drop it
  • next it will break as it hits the pipe going into the wall
  • the pipe inside the wall will burst
  • water will start pouring into the walls and under them
  • your husband will run outside to shut off the valve
  • and then run back in for a shovel
  • he will then dig out the debris that has covered the shut off valve
  • the shut off valve will finally turn off
  • when you walk into your another child's room you will discover their dirty clothes are sitting in water
  • when you step into the closet the water will cover your feet
  • you will then dirty every towel you own trying to mop up water
  • you will run to your very generous next door neighbor and borrow a shop vac
  • your husband will call some friends and they will run to Lowe's and buy the proper materials
  • when they arrive yall will discover that you need some additional pvc pipe
  • next you will look at your watch and realize Lowe's is closing
  • someone will remember that they have a friend who is closing the store at Lowe's
  • that friend will purchase the pvc pipe and stick it outside in a cupholder of a lawnmower for you to pick up
  • by midnight the water pipe has been repaired, but you will have ripped up carpets, cut out carpet padding, brought in a dehumidifier and fans, and cut out two sheet rock holes in the wall.
Three days later it has almost been put back together, but only because we have some amazing friends who literally have given of their time and labor.  We have spent some time even finding the funny in this experience.  

When these events occur. especially when your house is on the market to sell, you can become overwhelmed, or you can ask God to give you strength and provisions to get you through.  Honestly, we did both!  At first, we just couldn't believe the damage that occurred--we discovered that the wood floors in the hallway also had to be pulled up and repaired/replaced.  And the parent part of me knows that you never ask "WHY", but really "why would you be picking up the toilet lid tank?"  I don't think we will ever know! LOL!

But God is an awesome provider, he knew that when we had the floors installed 8+ years ago, that we would need the 3 extra boxes that were left over.  He also provided the friends with knowledge and equipment to help do the repairs.  He even led us to a carpet guy who was willing to come on the weekend and re-stretch the carpet after the new pad had been replaced.  We have an awesome God who knows our needs and knows how to best provide for us!

I realize that events like this are part of every day life.  Sometimes they are tests and sometimes they are just life happening.  Whichever one it is, we are taking the time to be thankful that God is Jehovah-Jireh our provider!  

This testimony will be a reminder to us when we move to Honduras and begin the work that God has called us to.  That our God will provide!

In Him,


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